By Clifford Woods

trashThe busiest part of your home is usually the kitchen. For this reason, it is very important that one gets a sense of comfort and cleanliness while in there. It often happens that your kitchen becomes a source of awful odors; even in extremely clean houses.

This is basically due to the fact that there tend to be more odor causing things in the kitchen than from all the other rooms in your house combined. When you enter your home, in all likelihood the first thing you will notice is the smell, if it is bad. On the other hand, if the scent is fresh and clean, then you are almost certainly going to make a good impression with your guests, plus the fact that you will enjoy coming home!

To successfully overcome kitchen smells, you need to take direct action to treat every single one of the sources of the odor and never attempt to just mask it with chemical odor spray in the air. These types of odor sprays only temporary cover the smell and will not get rid of it for you.

There are several solutions available to wash surfaces and counters. Fortunately, these days you don’t have to worry about cleaning your kitchen with harsh chemicals.  There are now many organic products available on the market.

Maintaining clean surfaces on a daily basis and right after use is a major and simple solution to minimize stench build-up to begin with. Even if you do keep your kitchen clean, there are many problem areas that may have been overlooked.

Where’s the Source of Your Kitchen Odor?

Garbage Area
The odor from trash can rapidly spread throughout your entire house. To get rid of this problem, first and foremost get rid of the trash causing the smell. Second, use an organic odor eliminator with beneficial microorganisms in order to eliminate the stench for good.

If you are not quite ready to empty the trash can (not full), spraying something like this into the trash can and directly on the garbage can eliminate odors until you are ready to empty your trash can

You might be shocked to find out just how much a stinky fridge can result in a foul smelling kitchen, let alone having your fresh food taste like rotting cheese or fish. It is certainly crucial that you keep your refrigerator thoroughly clean from splatters and leaks in order to prevent the spread of those lingering smells. An organic odor eliminator can be used in the refrigerator as well.

Stove Vent
As oils and fats accumulate, so will the smells. Work with an all-natural citrus-based degreaser to wash away these nasty deposits. Such solutions can successfully cut through oil in order to allow you to easily wipe it away without any residue. There are many efficient and organic cleansing agents designed for this.

Yet another point where smells can build up. Beneath the sink where humidity builds up and water is stored. Be sure to use an all-natural odor eliminator here after you wipe down the area.

Cabinets are one more cause of kitchen odor that most people don’t suspect, and they continue to store food items, oil-based products, and moist dishes along with other various kitchen products. The best way to get rid of this cause for kitchen smells is to apply an organic odor eliminator in every cabinet to get rid of the smell for good; plus a good cleaning every once in a while will not hurt.

Garbage Disposal
There is numerous solutions to keep smells away from here. You could pour baking soda down the drain to reduce the smell, which will get rid of minor odors, or make use of an all-natural odor remover.

In the end, the main point here is to keep your kitchen area clean as well as work with activated carbon odor absorbers for odor-causing spots in addition to organic degreasers and deodorizes for garbage disposal units. Be sure to invest in an all-natural odor eliminator containing beneficial microorganisms as this is the best way to eliminate odors for good.